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Mrs. Poorva Joshi has a Master’s degree in Botany. She worked on her Master level project at IARI (Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi) titled "Physiological studies on high temperature stress tolerance in wheat genotype". Her Master level thesis was titled "Terminalia arjuna (Arjun) - seedling mortality and cultivation methods".

Poorva’s contribution to ecology and biology started with teaching students of Biodiversity (Master’s degree level at University of Pune). From 2007, she started working on modules of conservation-awareness for urban society. Medicinal plants, sustainability, Nutraceuticals, livelihood were always in the focus.


In 2010, she founded this consultancy firm – BioConcepts, to advice community-based organizations and individuals to provide nature based, sustainable solutions for community development with the focus on empowering local economy. She is a member of IUCN species survival commission for IUCN SSC Western Ghats plant specialist group from year 2020.



Noteworthy Projects

1. Wild fruit post processing center named – ULKA

  • Project name – (Processing of selected Wild fruits as Nutraceutical product linking community forest management with livelihood generation) funded by NAAM Foundation, Pune, India. ( (2021-2023). Focus on value addition, Traditional recipes and niche product generation with women self-help groups 

2. Community participatory – Vansum Nursery

  • Project name – Developing a medicinal plant nursery with community participation for alternative crops as a tool for livelihood improvement and towards solution for crop raiding by wild herbivores.

3. Sustainability frame work for CFR village-

  • Project name -“Linking Community Forest Management with livelihood generation: Wild fruits sustainability and enterprise (2021-2023) Vorstand Andrea von Braun Stiftung foundation, Munich, Germany.

4. Home gardens – Conservation and Nutri-garden concepts execution – more than 50 projects

5. Adaptive management practices in CFR buffer of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur, Maharashtra. (

6. Development of community operated model for human wild life conflict management

  • Project name – A novel compensation model to mitigate crop damage by wild herbivores around protected areas. Funded by MOEF, Delhi, India. 

7. WCT (Wildlife Conservation Trust) and Bioconcepts for developing a manual on non-palatable medicinal plants for conflict management, (2017-2018).

8. Capacity building among village youth for self-study and self-employment along western boundary of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. (Since 2013)

9. Complete management and research of data base generation for Silviculture for forest department. (2014-15)

10. Complete management execution of Project Training Sessions on Nature, Biodiversity and Conservation supported and recognized by Chief Conservator of Forest and Silviculturist, Pune (Forest, Research division)- (2014-15)




Published Books


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