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The Sonave Connection : Plantations are the future

“Ancient trees are precious. There is little else on Earth that plays host to such a rich community of life within a single living organism.” — Sir David Attenborough

Truly, a tree at it's prime, is an example of a life best lived. A single tree can sustain a family of humans, provide a habitat to innumerable local insects and birds and help maintain the ecological balance. Isn't it marvelous? At Bioconcepts, I have always looked at promoting cultivation and conservation of our native, medicinal trees, herbs, climbers and shrubs, which can be planted easily and are rooted in our culture. Today, people are aware of the importance of having green zones wherever possible on smaller/bigger lands or even terrace gardens. However, currently public gardens are reduced to merely functional green zones for physical activities. Also exotic, ornamental plants are more preferred in public gardens and homes. Through Bioconcepts, I always recommend the inclusion of our traditional, medicinal trees and plants in public or terrace gardens. This recommendation has a multifold advantage of adding medicinal value for personal or commercial use, providing a habitat for our native insects, birds, pollinators and create an aesthetically pleasant medicinal green zone.

I have been working in this field of biodoversity conservation, medicoscaping and ecoscaping since the past two decades. When equally passionate clients and patrons like Rujuta Diwekar and others, put their faith and heart into such conservational projects, it gives me immense pleasure to convert these opportunities into success stories and models which can be replicated across many other instances. While work and association with Rujuta will continue in many other ways, I believe our country, which is blessed with an endemic flora and fauna, local and regional extraordinary habitats and amazing biodiversity to sustain such medicinal zones, has the potential to become a green power.

Minimum requirements, maximum returns!

Interestingly, you do not need a big land parcel or high-tech costly infrastructure to decide to go for these biodiverse plantations. Although bigger lands mean a bigger protected green zone which can be an asset. A Spice garden or a Herbal garden can be planted in limited spaces like kitchen corners and window sills and on a terrace too, with good sunlight and water as the basic requirements. A terrace spice garden or herbal garden can provide the home with a sufficient supply of spices and medicinal components, for healthy living. The same spice or herbal garden can provide bigger quantities of produce, for commercial use and supply, when opted for in bigger spaces. A well ecoscaped resort with medicinal flora can become a commercially successful wellness resort or retreat. A Nakshatra Wan at village open areas/temple vicinity or in the compound of a big organization/factory can be the much required conservation zone with long term sustainable health and ecological benefits.

Experimental plantations and on-site investments taken up by villages, trusts/NGOs or corporates as a part of their social responsibility, have been a great source livelihood generation via sustainable means. Such plantations have made it possible for locals/villagers to be independent, united in their goal and learn new ways of managing their produce.

There is a saying that 'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW! So it is never too late to dream and execute these biodiversity projects, which will become rich plantations for the coming generations. Imagine your grand children walking down these culturally rooted and medicinally rich pathways and dense plantations, at beautiful resorts, bird paradises or butterfly parks. Imagine villages and farmers self-reliant and prospering while they harvest our local super crops and sharing best practices to replicate and grow. Opportunities are many, we just need to take them up, and help nurture our traditional flora! Do explore this website, to see how Bioconcepts has helped, is currently helping and plans to help further, the cause of our forgotten and priceless heritage of plantations. Engage Bioconcepts and let us make a better future! See you soon :)

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